BBQ Area's and Camp Kitchen

Blair’s Deck

A mountain cattlemans hut and yards, built by  cattleman and pioneer skier Frank Blair in about 1931-32 and of particular interest for its log and bark construction and dogleg fencing. It is also associated with the first walking and ski tours in the area.

JB’s Deck

JB Hut is one of the easiest huts to visit with being only a 5-minute walk from the Great Alpine Road. An old mill hut from Swifts Creek that was shifted up to JB Plain by the Bairnsdale Scout group in the 1970’s there is different versions of how JB Plain received it name!

Some people insist that ‘JB’ stands for J.B. Johnson, who is thought to have held a lease in that area many years ago. They say he carved his initials in a tree near the hut, but any trace of that is long gone. Most people agree that ‘JB’ stands for Jim Brown, a rather famous High Plains stockman in the very early days. Way back in 1852, he and another Cobungra stockman, Jack Wells, were the very first recorded Europeans to visit the Bogong High Plains, and one of the most significant peaks up there, Mt Jim, is named after him. The widely accepted story goes that he grazed cattle on ‘JB’ Plain at some stage, and that it was he who carved the ‘JB’ in the tree. And he probably built a hut there too, and a set of yards, way before both the others.