Snow & Alpine Resorts

Bright is a great base for your skiing, snowboarding & snow play activities where you can enjoy all the valley town’s shops, restaurants and activities and choose the days as you wish to hit the snow all within 1.5hr travel time from Bright. All your gear and snow chains can be hired in Bright with toboggan & snow chain hire available from BIG4 Bright Holiday Park.


With a little bit of planning your first or subsequent trip to the snow will be great. Choose your mountain, Mt Buffalo, Mt Hotham or Falls Creek and choose your day.

Each resort offers something a bit different. For first timers, Mt Buffalo is ideal for snow play – small, family friendly and very reasonably priced.

When choosing the day, remember it can be perfect weather down in the valleys and ‘pea soup’ up on the peaks. It really is essential to check out the weather and be prepared if looking dubious. Deciding to stay in the valleys is a pretty good option anyway sometimes …have a day off. Be prepared with quality warm clothes preferably in layers that can be put on and off as you warm up or cool down.

Make sure you get well fitting gear and that littlies are rugged up well. You can take your own snacks and lunch with you as most resorts have comfortable day shelters to accommodate day trippers. However, lots of restaurants and cafes are at resorts with lots of yummy hot foods and beverages!

When skiing, boarding, or tobogganing only do so in the correct signed areas with the correct equipment. Choose runs within your ability, stay with a buddy and let someone know before you go.

Mt Hotham is the highest snow resort in Victoria and is unique in the fact that the village is on top of the mountain, right at the crest of the Great Alpine Road.

Affectionately known as the “Powder Capital”, Hotham has 14 lifts and over 80 downhill runs, from gentle beginner slopes to advanced pitches that test the best, as well as an adult’s and children’s snowsports school that caters to all levels.

For more information about Mt Hotham Alpine Resort simply go to

Between Hotham & Dinner Plain is the Snowstuff Snowplay Park. Click here for info.

Falls Creek is home to the highest drivable road in Australia and caters for beginners through to the advanced. It has 14 lifts and over 92 runs.  A snow sport school caters for all levels.

60km of groomed cross country trails are on offer allowing you to ski across the picturesque Bogong High Plains when conditions permit.

A toboggan run is open most of the ski season pending snow conditions there is sufficient snow and there is a day centre and many places to eat and relax during your day at Falls Creek.

For more information about Falls Creek Alpine Resort simply go to

Dinner Plain is well worth a visit in winter to see the unique building designs of the village. There is one ski lift available for use when snow conditions permit and there is no gate entry free. The village can be used as a base to start on some beautiful cross country ski trails through the high plains.

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Mt Buffalo is an all year round national park. Offering walks, waterfalls, historical buildings and spectacular scenery. Mt Buffalo has a day shelter, toilets and first aid facilities at the Cresta area, which is ideal for tobogganing and snow play.  Tobogganing is available at Cresta or Dingo Dell pending snow conditions.

There is no downhill skiing or snowboarding at Mt Buffalo.

Country ski trails are groomed when conditions permit and there are no trail head fees.

Refreshments and toboggan hire are available at Dingo Dell and if sufficient snow.

More info – Parks Victoria

For more information about Mount Buffalo Ski School, go to

Snow play is most enjoyable but not if your wet and cold.

Always bring a change of clothes including socks and gloves for all involved. Please note that all Bright ski hire outlets and retail shops can provide you with waterproof clothing and footwear.

Sunscreen and sunglasses are essential. The increased altitude means increased UV, plus the snow will reflect up to 80% back up again.

Tobogganing is one of the best ways to introduce youngsters to the fun of the snow. But that doesn’t mean the youngsters are the only ones to enjoy it. Once you are all rugged up, tobogganing is a cheap and fun way to enjoy the snow. Following a few rules will ensure you are safe and have fun at the same time.

Only toboggan in designated areas. Most resorts will have one. Sheets of plastic, tubes etc are illegal. Toboggans can be hired from many Ski shops in the area or from our park. When tobogganing walk on the sides of the toboggan runs. Walking up the middle is asking for a collision. It also creates an uneven surface which is dangerous.

First time to the snow? Read on…

Firstly, alpine weather is unpredictable and conditions can change rapidly. Wear your clothing in layers with insulating clothes on the inside and wind and waterproof clothing on the outer. Several thin layers made of wool or synthetic fibres have insulating properties and are better than thick bulky layers. Never wear jeans, cotton or nylon as these materials will not provide enough protection. Body heat is lost from the head, feet and hands so it is important to wear beanies, warm long thin woollen socks and waterproof gloves. To protect your skin and eyes, do not forget sunscreen, sunglasses and goggles. Don’t forget to pack comfortable, waterproof footwear that will offer good grip on slippery conditions. Ensure you pack a change of clothes for yourself and of course children who love to get wet… then your day if over.

Quality waterproof outer jackets and pants may be hired however due to health regulations you will need to purchase gloves and beanies.

Check out the conditions before you start!

It is important you check snow and weather conditions before you set out for the day. Up to date snow weather and grooming reports are updated daily at


When is the best time to take my holiday?

The official opening of the Australian winter snow season is the Queens Birthday June long weekend. The season generally closes on the first weekend of October pending snow conditions.

So….will there be snow?

It’s hard to tell in advance when it will snow and snow bases play a big part in snow preservation. Snowmaking is the saviour of all Australian Ski Resorts. Without it we would not have the consistent conditions we have today.

Do I need a lesson?

Having a lesson will ensure that your first skiing or boarding experience is safe and enjoyable. It will do away with the common mistakes and give you a higher safety margain for any injury.

First Timer Lift Tickets include your Lift Ticket and a Daily Lesson program tailored to the needs of those who have never been skiing or boarding before. Some resorts will offer a free first timer lesson. Check out each individual resort information pages for details.

We just want to play in the snow…..where should we go?

One of the traditional childhood delights of the snowfields is tobogganing. It’s an affordable addition to your skiing and boarding holiday that’s great fun for kids and parents alike. Most resorts have dedicated areas for just this. See for a great tobogganing and snow activity based business.

How do we stay safe in the snow…?

For Snow safety. Head through to this great link to stay safe in the snow.